Thursday, January 19, 2017

R. I. Moore: The Formation of a Persecuting Society

Moore begins by stating the medical definition of leprosy, as well as pointing out the complicated history the disease has. There has been much confusion historically surrounding the bacterial infection partly due to the number of ailments that may have similar symptoms and the difficulty diagnosing it correctly. Moore places the difficulties of this disease placed in twelfth-century Europe.

I found it interesting the marked organization and expenditure on the separation of Lepers to institutions specialized for them beginning in 1250 in England and Wales due to an increase in demand for their segregation from the rest of society.

Moore finalizes his chapter with the claim that Lepers became the image of the most "repellant, the most dangerous and most desolate of creature, representing the last degree of human degradation" between the actual pains of the disease itself, but more so society's reaction to it.

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